photo-wallace5-250px“Katie has been irreplaceable and essential on the design, demolition, and complete makeover of my home. Katie has a good talent for design and style. She has always listened to me and I know she has my best interest in her thoughts. For me, Katie’s best strength is her sincerity. I have never felt Katie was simply agreeing with me or pushing something on me. Katie has politely told me when she felt I was making a design error. Sometimes I have listened to her advice, and other times, I have regretted not taking it. It has been a pleasure to work with Katie on my home. It’s my ninth remodel, and she’s the first person I am calling when I find number twelve.”

~Peter Wallace, Hayden Lake ID

nica-250px“In just a few months since the mural was complete, it seems to have brought a sense of pride to a poor barrio where color is lacking. It has become a bit of a landmark, people give directions by the mural…If funding allows, we would like to have Katie continue to work on all of our projects in the barrios, which are lacking of visual beauty and color.”

~Donna Tabor, Building New Hope, Granada Nicaragua